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DoubleCheck is not another fee-filled overdraft program—it saves you money and puts you in control.

Things get confusing when your account becomes overdrawn and you have insufficient funds in your account to cover your transactions. And boy, those fees sure pile up fast.

Through your existing financial institution, DoubleCheck gives you more options. This is not another fee-filled overdraft program. DoubleCheck saves you money because it puts you in control of your transactions. 

To help you understand how it works, let’s first clear up some banking terminology.

NSF Terminology

If you’re familiar with how NSF and overdraft work, feel free to skip this part and get to the money-saving goodness.

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Overdraft protection keeps transactions moving…for a fee

Your bank or credit union could cover your account shortage using overdraft protection within your set limit. This ensures your transaction goes through and no one else finds out.

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Non-sufficient funds, or “NSF:” when you dip below zero, the fees add up fast

NSF happens when you don’t have enough cash in your checking account to cover a transaction and you don’t have overdraft or you’ve exceeded your overdraft limit. You get charged an “NSF fee” every single time this happens, it’s generally about $35. If multiple transactions hit your account, or your payment is re-submitted, you could get charged each and every time. Ouch.

Then, your bank or credit union makes the call on which charges are paid or not, and you’re left to clean up the mess. Double ouch.

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Your pain doesn’t stop there

When your payment doesn’t go through, it’s not just your bank or credit union who will charge you. Your bounced car payment will trigger another fee from their bank or credit union, not to mention a late fee. Did I also mention you may now have a 30-day late payment showing on your credit report? That’s a lot of pain for a controllable problem.

DoubleCheck is the Third Option

It’s the one that puts you in control

DoubleCheck is an entirely new option that empowers you to address your account shortage how you want to—before your payment bounces and leaves a path of destruction in its wake.

Notification from your bank or credit union

DoubleCheck for NSF

Avoid late fees, damaged relationships and even potential account closures when you experience NSF because you get the chance to decide which transactions get paid and how.

You save

Late Fees
Returned payment fees from the bank or credit union of the business that received the bounced payment
Damaged relationships and/or credit
Account Closures

On average, bank and credit union customers that experience three
NSF transactions in one day will save $175 with DoubleCheck.

Ready to start saving?

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