Re-Think Your Overdraft Program.

Overdrafts happen. Now you can empower your account holders with the transparency to know what’s happening, and the control to fix it – before a payment bounces.

DoubleCheck makes it easy.

Father receives insufficient funds alert

How It Works

in 60 seconds.

A lot of things in life deserve a double check.

DoubleCheck notifies your account holders when they have insufficient funds and lets them determine what gets paid. With multiple payment options, they can make sure everything’s covered. They’ll avoid canceled services and secondary fees while keeping their reputation and credit intact.

Best of all, it takes just a few simple steps.

Notification from your bank or credit union

Know before you bounce

DoubleCheck sends alerts before a payment bounces and lets account holders decide how to proceed — providing them full control over the process.

Dropdown menu with payment option selected

Pick who gets paid

Paying rent may more important than Netflix. Account holders get to choose which transactions are paid and which are returned – and help spot fraud.

Payment options

Pick how they are paid

Account holders can add funds to their account to cover a shortage so nothing bounces. Move payment to credit card, use cash or a third-party payment service like Zelle or Paypal. Their mom can even spot them.

Fraudulent transaction alert

Fraud, begone!

Hmmm… that $1,500 doesn’t seem right. Account holders can spot fraud and notify their financial institution in a way that’s consistent with existing fraud processes.

Latte icon
Don’t end up
serving a $100 latte.

That $5 latte could cost a consumer more than a bottle of champagne if it ends up making them bounce their gas company payment. Bank fee + their gas company’s late payment fee + their bank’s fee = an expensive problem.

Reputation icon
reputations clean.

All of your commercial and consumer account holders can keep this all confidential. By paying an item before it’s returned, they can avoid embarrassing situations, uncomfortable conversations and a bad credit rating.

Magnifying glass and gear icon
We help you
avoid havoc.

We give account holders the information they need and the control they crave to prevent bounced payments from wreaking havoc on their finances, lives, and businesses.


A better option for banks and credit unions.

Federal scrutiny of overdraft programs is getting more intense. DoubleCheck can help you keep legislation, litigation, fraud and overhead issues in check—all while keeping your revenue healthy and empowering account holders to make their own financial choices. Make representment fee problems a relic of the past.

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