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Don’t be caught with your account balance down

With DoubleCheck, you get an alert from your financial institution before a payment bounces—not after. Then you get to take control and decide what happens next.

The Ripple Effect

Try as you might, it can be hard to keep track of every expense you have – whether it’s your monthly bills or your daily necessities. Not to mention the deposit you made yesterday still isn’t showing up in your account. Sometimes the timing is just off and you end up bouncing an important payment, like your rent. This simple mistake creates an exhausting amount of consequences that are all completely out of your control.

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Everyone deserves a second chance.

If you had known that bouncing a payment would cause so much trouble, wouldn’t you have done something about it? DoubleCheck gives you a second chance. Here’s how.

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Just log in. We’ll lay
out your options.

You’ll receive a text and email when your account is overdrawn and you’re about to bounce a payment. Just use your existing banking credentials to log in and review the options for every transaction with insufficient funds. You’ll see which payments are about to bounce and how long you have to address your shortage.

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Override your
bank’s decisions

Your bank usually decides who gets paid when you’re short in your account, but DoubleCheck allows you to change those decisions. You can prioritize what to pay so critical bills, like rent or utilities, get paid without incurring additional late fees or returned check fees.

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Make a plan for
your payments

If you have overdraft funds available, you can choose exactly how you want to apply it and what items to return if there’s not enough to cover all your expenses. But if you don’t, there’s no reason to worry, you’re still in control. Keep scrolling to learn about all of the payment options you get with DoubleCheck.

Add funds, fast

If you don’t have overdraft funds available, or you don’t want to use them, you have plenty of options:

Cover it with cash

Head to your local branch and deposit cash to cover your shortage.

Move some money around

Transfer money from another account where you have available funds or take advantage of the deposit you made but that hit your account only after your payment was flagged for return.

Pay with an app

Use your Venmo, Zelle or PayPal account to pay your expenses—or…you know… use your dad’s account.

Charge it

Put your transactions on your credit card for extra flexibility.

Report fraud on the spot

If the transaction that caused your account shortage is fraudulent, you can stop the payment and prevent it from causing legitimate transactions to bounce.

Want DoubleCheck at your bank?

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Why DoubleCheck?

Because bouncing a payment sticks with you like a bad hangover.


Stop the running train of late fees


Keep your reputation intact

Kick credit hits to the curb

Breathe easy because you’re in control of your payments


You won’t even need to think of a new password

Are you a small business?

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Small businesses get all that and more

DoubleCheck doesn’t just give you a whole new set of cash flow tools, it also helps you keep your reputation intact.

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With DoubleCheck, you can manage your cash the way you want to — without the high fees.

No bank knows your business and relationships like you do. Timing of payments and fees are often out of your control, but now some of that control can shift back to you.

Cashflow tools

Access real-time cashflow tools you can actually afford.

Get your discount

Send a vendor a check to get your discount but still pay with a credit card.

Alert system

With an alert system in place, you can wait to transfer money until the last minute.

Avoid late fees

Make up your balance in time to avoid late fees.

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