DoubleCheck™ Member Pay.NOW

An innovative, financial technology solution that makes you the HERO to your members, when it comes to aging overdrafts and beyond!

The Member Pay.NOW Solution: A multi-faceted, patented system with three main components

  1. The Platform Hub:
    • Includes a secure SFTP site to receive and process your aging overdraft report
    • Includes a secure SFTP site to receive contact data and other business data fields
    • Communicates new services to your members through text, email and optional phone calls
    • Allows tracking and analysis of activity, usage, revenues and more
  2. The Member Portal:
    • Uses a credit union-designated authentication process to authenticate your members
    • Lets members view and pay overdrawn balances
    • Accepts payments via credit card, Venmo/Paypal, cash, lifelines or loans
  3. The Admin Dashboard and Member Services Module:
    • Allow your staff to provide and document member support services
    • Provide reports and analytics that will help you make decisions and provide better member service

Member Pay.NOW is NOT a collection system! It allows your members to remedy an overdrawn balance through a safe and convenient process.

The Benefits to Your Credit Union:

  • Reduce risk of losses
  • Gain invaluable and insightful reports and analytics
  • Maintain consistent branding throughout all messaging and screens
  • Improve your member satisfaction
  • Avoid hassle: easy to implement and use, easy access for your call center and branch teams
  • Provides a new income stream if you opt to charge a fee

The Benefits to Your Members:

  • They’re informed of overdrawn balances that have not been remedied
  • They’re given more control over their financial situation
  • They can avoid closed accounts and derogatory reporting
  • They get a second chance to resolve problems at a low cost
  • They can access the easy-to-use system from your credit union’s online and mobile platforms

Other Applications for Member Pay.NOW

  • Loan payments
  • Credit card payments
  • Chargeback items

The DoubleCheck Difference:

  • Patent-pending technology
  • Top-tier team behind the solution
  • Turnkey implementation