DoubleCheck™ CU.NOW

An innovative, financial technology solution that makes you the HERO to your members, when it comes to NSF transactions and beyond!

The CU.NOW Solution: A multi-faceted, patented system with three main components

  1. The Platform Hub:
    • Integrates with your core system to receive and process NSF data
    • Communicates NSF events to your members through text, email and optional phone calls
    • Allows tracking and analysis of activity, usage, revenues and more
  2. The Member Portal:
    • Is branded to your credit union
    • Supports single sign-on from your online banking authentication system
    • Lets members view, prioritize and pay NSF transactions before they are returned, but after any NSF fees have accrued
    • Accepts payments via credit card, Venmo/Paypal, cash, lifelines or loans
  3. The Admin Dashboard and Member Services Module:
    • Allow your staff to provide and document member support services
    • Provide reports and analytics that will help you make decisions and provide better member service

CU.NOW is NOT another overdraft program! It enhances and complements your existing overdraft program.

The Benefits to Your Credit Union:

  • Retain all of your NSF Income
  • Create a lucrative new revenue source in CU.NOW transaction fees
  • Reduce risk and increase regulatory compliance
  • Gain invaluable and insightful reports and analytics
  • Maintain consistent branding throughout all messaging and screens
  • Improve your member satisfaction
  • Avoid hassle: easy to integrate, implement and use
  • Earn an incredible ROI

The Benefits to Your Members:

  • They’re informed of NSF’s in real time
  • They’re given more control over their financial situation
  • They can pay and resolve NSF’s before they are returned and avoid the ripple effect of late fees, bad credit, etc.
  • They get a second chance to resolve problems at a low cost
  • They can access the easy-to-use system from your credit union’s online and mobile platforms

Some Real Survey Statistics:

  • 98% find DoubleCheck appealing
  • 76% would pay for DoubleCheck
  • 59% would switch banks to get DoubleCheck

The DoubleCheck Difference:

  • Patent-pending technology
  • Top-tier team behind the solution
  • Turnkey implementation